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Abs & Core

Let's work those abs and get a strong core. Follow these simple to watch videos and throw an 'ab in or two' as part of your fitness workouts.

Balance - The Importance of Improving It

This section will include some simple exercises and tips about how to improve your balance.

Back Exercises

In this module you will find some key exercises to help alleviate low back pain

Basic movement patterns - Let's Start Here

Let's get your basic movement patterns correct before you do your exercises.

Bodyweight Exercises

In this section, we will be looking at exercises you can do using your bodyweight only.

Bums - Exercises and Glute Activation Drills

These exercises/activation drills are ideal to do before a run/walk to help activate your glute muscles (bum!)

Ouch! Feel the burn in the bum with the 5-minute Booty Booster workout too!

Cardio Workouts (multi-level options)

Let's get our bodies moving, work up a sweat, raise your heart rate and burn some calories! 

In this section, there will be a number of multi-level classes, whether you are an absolute beginner or you've been exercising for some time. 

Dumbbell Workouts

Why work with weights? Because we have to!

We must be mindful of how our much our oestrogen levels decrease during menopause, thus causing our bone density to diminish too! We don't want this to happen!

Exercising At Home

Watch the short video which runs through some simple, easy to use and cost effective pieces of equipment you may like to look at to incorporate into your home fitness routine.

Exercise At Your Desk!

Don't sit still for too long! Get up and move...

Any movement you get in during your workday is considered a win, and both your mental and physical health will thank you for it.


Hosts - Meet Your Hosts Sue and Lisa

Hey there & welcome! We are so glad you are here!

You have joined the best place to help you remain healthy & happy during your menopausal midlife years.

Thank you for becoming part of our community. We are both really excited to be working with you.

We hope you enjoy being part of such a positive, motivational team and we are here to help you along with your journey.

See you around!

Sue & Lisa x

Lifestyle Challenges

In this module you will find an assortment of challenges, some focusing on physical activity, others on Mindset, and some, a combination of both.

Remember, as always, to take these at your own pace, listen to your body and just do what you can.

Share your progress over in the Facebook group which will help to motivate others too

Measuring Your Progress

In this module, we will be looking at various ways to measure your fitness progress.

Resistance Band Workouts

On the recording, (live Zoom session on 17th February 2022), I demonstate one set of each exercise, to show you the different ways of using both the long tube bands with handles & the mini looped bands

When exercising at home with these bands, refer to my example programme & ensure you are doing at least 2 (preferably 3) sets (rounds) of each exercise to get the full benefit, not just 1 set

If you are short on time, then select upper body exercises from the programme for one session & lower body for another session & split it into shorter workouts

Any further questions, then email me at lisa@menomidlife.org.uk 

Resistance Training - Why is this important during Menopause?

Resistance Training - Ladies, why do we need to do it?

Age-related muscle loss, (called sarcopenia), is a natural part of aging. After the age of 30, women begin to lose as much as 3% to 5% per decade. 


Supplements during Menopause

Within this module you will find information on a wide range of nutritional supplements that can support different aspects of menopause. 

As with any supplements you are urged to do your own research and check with your Doctor whether it is suitable for you to take these, particularly if you have any medical conditions and /or are taking any other medications. 

Evidence/ research underpinning many of these is often lacking, and the assumption should not be made that they are perfectly safe to take just because they are readily available. 

Some women prefer to take  a more 'natural' approach to managing menopause and supplements can offer an alternative to more traditional/medial approaches.   

Walking for Health and Fitness - Quick Motivational Chat!

Walking is simple, free and one of the easiest ways to get more active, lose weight and become healthier - get out there and do it! 

Weak Ankles - How to Strengthen Them

So just how strong are your ankles?

Wellness and Fitness Planning

'Keep it Simple' with our example 'Wellness & Fitness' planners filed in this module

Any questions, then feel free to contact us on admin@menomidlife.org.uk

What's On Guide

Ooh! Have a little look what's coming during April '23

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